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We are always eager to share the story of our app, discuss global perspectives of modern mystic and spiritual health niche, as well as the specific influences that some astrological events may have.
Founded in 2019
Nebula was launched in May 2019 as flagship product of OBRIO product company. We started as a small but very inspired team of 8, headed by Alex Fedorov. At that time, we had an MVP version launched on IOS and a big dream to develop an app that would help people worldwide find their way to happiness with the help of astrology.
New year - New record
Summer 2020 - we became the leaders in the number of downloads among astrological apps in the US. Summer 2021 - we became the worldwide leaders in the category. The data was extracted from Sensor Tower.
The global ecosystem of astrologers
We are proud to have experienced astrologers and spiritual advisors from all around the world in our team. We have unique expertise in Western and Vedic astrology, tarot cards, numerology, and other spiritual practices. All our experts undergo a three-stage test before we start working together. They create content for the app and provide live consultations for our users.
Our mission
Our mission is to inspire people to find their way to happiness. We believe that astrology is a powerful tool to discover your nature deeper and navigate life more effectively. Every day we strive to be a source of good energy, support, and inspiration for our users with the help of quality astrology-based tools and our community.
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If you're after a bit of education and enlightenment with your horoscopes, Nebula is the astrology app for you. With a simple setup and sleek interface, checking your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes has never been easier.
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Nebula is maybe the prettiest astrology app I've used so far...Great for: Those who want to invest in an astrological experience that ticks off all the boxes, and looks literally gorgeous on your screen.
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Well-known for offering accurate zodiac predictions, Nebula has got everything covered to be your one-stop-platform for horoscope and astrology.
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